Experience the ancient landscapes of Nitmiluk National Park.

Pronounced "Nit-me-look" and literally meaning Cicada Place, Katherine Gorge was given the name Nitmiluk by Nabilil, an important figure of the Jawoyn Creation Time.

Guests can fly by helicopter to remote locations to swim in their very own crystal clear waterfall; be dropped at the very top of the Gorge system and canoe down; fly to remote rock art sites with an Indigenous guide to interpret images painted thousands of years before; or fly low over wildlife in the utter wilderness of southern Arnhem Land or up over the escarpment to experience the power of Kakadu from the air.

All tours have a cultural aspect, allowing travellers to learn, understand and appreciate the ancient stories and cultural of the areas traditional owners, the Jawoyn people.

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Nitmiluk National Park is owned by the Jawoyn people and is renowned for its Indigenous culture.

Jawoyn traditional land stretches across 50,000 kilometers. It extends from the regional town of Katherine, south-east to the township of Mataranka, eastwards past Barunga and Beswick, then north-east in an arc crossing from Bulman in Arnhem Land across to the southern part of Kakadu National Parkand and south-west Arnhem.

Today, Jawoyn invite you to visit their country and to share the experience and grandeur of Nitmiluk Gorge. Step back to a time long past when the mythical figure of ‘Bula’ travelled this land leaving his image as paintings in rock shelters – images that depict the stories of the Jawoyn people and can still be seen and admired today.

Nitmiluk National Park is owned by the Jawoyn people and managed under a 99 year lease by the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Commission, in association with Jawoyn people, culture and traditions.

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Katherine has a tropical climate with two distinct seasons, 'Wet' and 'Dry'.

The Wet season spans from November until April and is characterised by increased humidity followed by monsoonal rains and storms. The wet season is a stunning time to see the Top End, which includes Darwin, Katherine, Kakadu and Arnhem Land. Waterfalls tumble, skies host incredible light shows, and the landscape turns a lush green. Weather conditions at this time of year can restrict travel to some areas.

The 'Dry’ season, from May until October, is characterised by warm, dry sunny days and cool nights. Temperatures typically range from 21C (70F) to 32C (90F), and the humidity levels are much lower: around 60–65%.

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Nitmiluk's dramatic sandstone gorges are home to a variety of indigenous plants and animals.

The animal and birdlife of the Nitmiluk National Park has considerable conservation value and as such it makes the area a natural haven for nature and birding enthusiasts.

There are over 192 different species of birds that may be encountered, including colourful species such as the Red-collared Lorikeet, Red-winged Parrot, Northern Rosella and Blue-winged Kookaburra and less common species such as the Red Goshawk and Peregrine Falcon.

In the Gorge, colonies of flying foxes are commonly seen as are Freshwater Crocodiles, turtles and water monitors. Bushwalkers are almost certain to encounter Agile Wallabies, Antilopine Wallaroos and Euros, as well as the occasional Dingo.

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